Is Omeprazole Addictive?

Table of Contents1 Is Omeprazole Addictive?1.1 Some basic information before I begin to answer the above question1.1.1 Indications 1.1.2 Examples of PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors)1.1.3 Purpose of prescribing PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors)1.2 Are PPI’s addictive in nature?1.3 Can I take PPI’s occasionally?1.4 Does PPI’s have a potential for drug abuse? 1.5 What if someone has … Read moreIs Omeprazole Addictive?

Advance Directive

Table of Contents1 Advance Directive1.1 Overview1.2 Other Names1.3 Types of advance directives 1.4 Living Will1.5 Durable power of attorney for healthcare 1.6 The Need for a Living Will1.7 Limitations of a Living Will1.8 Important aspects related to a durable power of attorney for health care 1.9 Living will vs durable power of attorney for health … Read moreAdvance Directive