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  • For guest post submission.
  • If you have found some error in our information.
  • To share your story, thoughts or your personal experience on any of the health-related issues.
  • If you have found something on this website, that you feel should not be here.
  • Missing attributions.
  • If you have a suggestion that you think will make this simple looking blog more beautiful.
  • You can also contact us if you have a question regarding any medicine or pathological condition.

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Please don’t contact me for brand reviews and affiliate marketing.

– Dhruv (author)

Guidelines for guest post submissions

  • We do not accept articles that are not related to ‘health’ topic.
  • Length of your article should not be less than 1500 words.
  • Do not insert more than 2 links. Also, these links should be pointed to a specific URL; the contents of which should be related to the article.
  • Check your manuscript for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • We will edit the manuscript if we find any errors. We will not edit the content or more precisely, the gist of your content in the manuscript.
  • Please do not insert any image in the manuscript unless it is directly relevant to the content.
  • Brand reviews or promotional articles will not be accepted even if it is written in a well-structured story format.
  • A final decision on whether to publish your article or not, will be taken after reviweing your article for it’s content and originality.