Why I started my blog?

Well, I was searching something on the net and I came across this wonderful blogpost. The title of the article was ‘Just do it’ by Barbara Swafford. She has beautifully described the dilemma of a ‘wanna be’ blogger, like ‘whether I should start my blog or not?’ or ‘whether people will accept my work or not?’ Every person planning to start a blog should read her article. At the end of this article, she has raised a question: why did you decide to jump into the blogging pool? She has asked her audience to share their views. Initially, I thought of writing a short post in the comment section, but I changed my mind and decided to write a post on my blog itself. I am not writing this article to give justification to my audience on starting this blog. I am writing this article to inspire and motivate that person who is wondering whether he should start a blog or not. I want to share my story. There are three reasons behind this blog.

My educational qualification is Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics). During my PG studies, I had to visit a lot of websites and go through many books to collect/find the needed information on the desired drug. The process, though efficient, was pain stalkingly slow. Like, for a drug, if you want to look for its side effects, you have to go to one website whereas, for other details, you have to search other websites/books. There was not a one-stop solution. Manufacturer’s label or prescribing guidelines are mostly complete, but they include a ton of vocabulary. And scanning all those unnecessary sentences and vocabularies also proved to be a headache. From those days (of my PG), I wanted to develop a platform where students and professionals from medical, paramedical and pharmaceutical fields can visit and get the desired information, from a single website. This is the first reason.

I wanted to stay in touch with the consumers of the products, especially health supplements. Some of you might say that a call center or a virtual help desk would be a better option. But, for me, that was not an option at all. Firstly, I am tight on budget. Secondly, call centers and help desk are impossible to run by a single person. You need staff/employees for that. And I don’t want any information given by a consumer, to be misquoted to me by my team. Also, I don’t run a business. So there’s no point for me in investing my hard earned money in setting up a call centre. So coming back to the point, a consumer can write to me about his/her experiences on using a particular product (only for supplements). I will try to justify those experiences on scientific grounds (within the best of my capacity). This way, others can take an informed decision on whether to take that particular supplement or not. But I have planned this thing after this blog gains some audience. Hope I am clear with this point. This is the second reason.

Today, most of the people purchase health supplements on the basis of advertisements/campaigns which are carefully crafted to lure the majority. Health supplements are good for health. People should buy them. Such decision should be driven by information and not by advertising campaigns and promotions. This is the third reason.

Just for your information, I am not a computer geek. I learned everything (whatever I know) about blogging, on page SEO, off page SEO, various platforms like Joomla, WordPress, Blogger and much more by watching videos on you tube. If I can learn from YouTube, I am sure you too, can learn from YouTube.

I am not expecting this post to rank in Google. It’s not that I don’t want to. I will be happy if it happens. But I will be happier if somebody starts his/her blog after reading this article. I will be happier if I inspire someone.

A final note: Start blogging to satisfy your passion. This way you will produce amazing content. If you start blogging considering income from AdSense and other affiliate programs, your content will suffer.

That’s all.